What's in a dollar? Is 'natural' worth it?

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What's in a dollar? Is 'natural' worth it?

Hello my lovelies,

I thought this might be a good chance to discuss Floralia's pricing point.

When I first started learning in-depth about what was going on my skin and really considering the best products for it, I quickly learned that 'natural' and 'organic' immediately meant PREMIUM. But my skin was suffering and I knew I needed to do something to keep my skin as healthy as possible. This is because I was switching from cheaper filler ingredients that have neutral to even detrimental effects  on skin such as petroleum and mineral oil, artificial colours, sulfates and the like, to rich, higher quality ingredients such as plant oils, butters and essential oils, and gentle cleansers that didn't strip my skin (more on this later). 

I was just a uni student at this time, and switching from daily supermarket brands usually under $10 to the higher quality, more gentle and nourishing products which were scarce at the time was a shock. The improvement on my skin was immediate, but it also meant less daily store-bought coffees and finding out how to fund this new routine on a student budget. Skincare was one thing, but make up cost me an arm and a leg! 

As awareness of what we put in and on our bodies increases, the choices are now more abundant and there are now equally good products in the mid-range. And I have done a LOT of comparison!

The fact of the matter is, higher quality ingredients (guaranteed for purity, freshness, and organically and sustainably grown) sourced from all over the world do have a higher cost than the bulk produced petroleum and irritating surfactants. However, while still being able to produce at the higher cost, I am still thinking about those out there that can't or won't spend $75 on a single make up item! I still want to be relatively affordable while offering the best quality ingredients I can source. The highest retail price does not always mean the best! 

I'd be eager to hear your thoughts. Does 'expensive' to you automatically mean better? Was sympathising for my old uni-self on a stretched budget not taking advantage of the green market out there?

xx Razel

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