New year, new products!

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New year, new products!


We have been on hiatus! Which I profusely apologise for. But I have two very good reasons.


The first is that I was married overseas in the Philippines end of last year and spent 5 weeks travelling around Asia. Much of my time at the end of last year was consumed by the planning stress, excitement and hiccups of this occasion which meant that I was often completely out of time and/or burnt out. As a predominantly one woman band, I was not able to update as often as I would have liked and this meant putting the company on hold for a couple of months until I could dedicate full time and resource to it.


The second, is that I was in process development of an exciting new range of products, while obsoleting some others. We’ve now released a beautiful body care and skin care range. Much time was spent on tweaking these formulas until they were just right.


So let’s start this year off with a bang! I value your feedback, reviews and comments more than ever. Please make sure to drop us a line with any of your thoughts and suggestions!


Love, Razel

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