About Us

What happens when you combine a simultaneous obsession of skin care and beautiful plants? A dream of making beautiful products and sharing them with the world in celebration! 

I'm Razel, the founder of Floralia Beauty. It started out with a curiosity of mixing up my own lotions and potions (from my nerdy microbiology and molecular biology lab rat background) and loving trying out different looks (from my love of YouTube make-up videos). We specialise in artisanal cosmetics, using the highest quality ingredients we can source. 

We believe that your skin care regime is more than a routine. It can transport you home, take you to bliss and relaxation, energise you for the day, and make you feel brilliant inside and out. And because you're in control of the ingredients, the possibilities are endless.

So, instead of the 'NO's, let's see what we do have!

  • Pure ingredients ethically sourced from plants and minerals.
  • Highly concentrated products that are nutritious and beneficial for the skin, we aim for waterless formulas (you can add that part at home!) where possible and ensure efficacy levels are optimal.
  • Vegan
  • Products and ingredients tested only on humans and inanimate surfaces - declared Cruelty Free by SAFE NZ.
  • Minimal preservatives at optimum performance, approved for use by organic certification bodies. Some formulas do not require preservative due to their chemical composition.
  • Someone always here on the other side.