We love our earth, it gives us so much! 

We are a small business but we will endeavour to reduce our environmental impacts where we can, whilst still keeping the products accessible for everyone.

As we grow, we hope to continually improve our practices.


Inner Packaging

Our products are packaged predominantly in glass, with some metal and PP plastic for closures/nozzles.

These are recyclable according to NZ practices.


Outer Packaging 

We upcycle food grade jute (aka hessian) to enclose your precious product.

These are complete biodegradable and home compostable.

However, they are wonderful to upcycle even further! e.g. placemats, planters, or present wrapping. 


Even better though, is reusing these where you can and any other cosmetic packaging you may end up with.
We'd love to see how you reuse them - snap a pic and email us or post to our Facebook/Instagram.




We reuse cardboard and paper from other shipments, the grocery store and other retail stores to package our products. Then shredded waste paper from newspaper, circulars and office prints become the safety packaging.

We aim to keep your products safe in transit, whilst minimising our carbon footprint.



We make all our products in small batches to reduce waste and unnecessary storage.

We source from local suppliers that have full transparency on their ingredients.